Doris Vierkötter, Owner | Danny Byland, Manager | Sri Kusuma Dewi, Manager

Most of our staff come from the nearby village of Batu Ringgit. Many of them have been on board since alamBatu was established in 2004 – and they even helped to build our resort. In total, there are about 50 employees at alamBatu Beach Bungalow Resort.

When Doris Vierkötter came to Bali in 2002, she fell in love with the island and its inhabitants. Intent on setting up her own resort, she traveled far and wide before finally discovering the bay with the black rocks that gave the resort its name. Together with her Indonesian friend Sri, she was able to lease the bay that – until then – was a barren, bleak spot with a saltworks. With passion, dedication and great flair, Doris designed the resort and employed native workers to build it, bungalow by bungalow. The fruit of their labors: a wonderful place for diving and also a haven of wellbeing and relaxation.