Balinese harmony

alamBatu is a beautiful and comfortable dive resort in North East Bali. The resort fits perfectly into the landscape, some of the bungalows are near the seashore and others are located in a higher area. The garden invites you to enjoy nature, read a book or be swept away in one of the numerous ”bale” (small pavilions with comfortable reclining areas). You can also enjoy a swim in the overflow pool with a beautiful view of the sea.

The resort consists of 11 generous bungalows, 1 single bungalow, three villas, a restaurant, a spa and a great dive base with extra camera room.


The bungalows are spacious (40 m2) and designed in typical Balinese style. They are built from local wood and bamboo, the roof is covered by alang-alang. They fit perfectly into the landscape and are arranged to ensure, that you have a lot of privacy in your bungalow. The four bungalows in the lower area (near to the sea) have air-conditioning, the others are located at a higher elevation and are well ventilated and equipped with ceiling fans.

The bungalows have a generous terrace with a view of the sea. There is a comfortable outdoor bed on the terrace, where you can also sleep at night (a mosquito net can be installed by the staff if desired).

The bathrooms are located at the back of the bungalows, partly covered (toilet and sink) and partly outdoor (shower). It’s a great feeling having a shower under the open sky. The furnishings combine modern style and Balinese tradition and are comfortable and cozy.

Villas Ayam 1 & 2

At the upper part of the resort, above the beautiful garden, two comfortable, air-conditioned villas are located in a separate area with a private swimming pool and garden. These villas are ideal for families or guests who are looking for privacy. This idyllic place offers you the opportunity to be for yourself. You can either have your meals at the restaurant or have them served in the villa. Villa Ayam 1 can accommodate up to four people, Villa Ayam 2 has room for two. The villas can be rented individually or together.

Villa Anton

Villa Anton is located near the dive base. It’s a cheaper accommodation for two people with air-conditioning, but without sea view. It’s the perfect choice for people who spend most of their time under water.


The generous and charming restaurant is located near the sea shore with a fantastic view of the sea and the bays.

Breakfast is served from 8 to 11am. If you miss it, no problem, the restaurant is open all day from 8 am to 11 pm. If you are hungry from diving, you can also have a hot meal in the afternoon, try one of our tasty soups, for example.

In the afternoon Balinese coffee and sweets are served.

Dinner is served around 7.30 pm. You can, of course, have your dinner earlier or later. The food varies from typical Indonesian dishes to Thai and European meals. BBQ’s (fish or meat) or buffets with various Indonesian dishes are also offered regularly.

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